a deliciously fresh elixir


Is there anyone who’s never enjoyed a ‘Troupe’ moment? You leave work exhausted, make for home, and on the way pass by a wine bar where a group of your friends are having a drink. They see you and come over to say hello, you exchange hugs, smiles and a few jokes, and before you realise it they’ve pressed a glass of wine into your hand and are trying to persuade you to join them.

That’s when an unremitting pair of grumpy gnomes settles on your shoulders and start to argue heatedly, single-mindedly attempting to sow confusion in your mind. So, whilst one of them keeps reminding you that you’ve got to get up early the next day, the other insists you pay no attention to what the first one is saying. The argument starts to escalate into a full-blown row until, finding yourself trapped in the middle of the hullabaloo, the inevitable happens: you tell both of them to get lost, take a sip from your glass of wine and, full of determination, join your troupe of friends to enjoy one of those truly free, casual and fun moments that, when they unexpectedly come along, shake us out of the rut and add a bit of spice to our everyday lives.

And the morning after a ‘troupe’ moment? OK, you’ll probably get up feeling a bit more tired than usual and wishing you’d been able to get a few minutes more sleep, but you’ll also be feeling happier, and thinking of the song that goes “...but they can’t take the fun I had away from me!”